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The Story Behind The Brand

Your imagination is God showing you a preview of what’s coming ahead for you. Powerful nugget right there take note. I count myself very blessed. God has given me gifts and talents. This is just one of many. Proverbs 18:16: A person’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great people.

I took a leap of faith in 2020, when I began my entrepreneurial journey. I didn’t have anything else except my faith in God and a belief that the gifts in me were going to be the game changer I needed. 

I was asking God: “what is my purpose?” I just knew within me there was just so much more I could achieve. I was meant to be at greater heights.

When I finally realised my purpose was to serve others, that was the turning point. It brings me so much joy, warmth and peace when I put a smile on someone’s face, it’s the greatest reward I could ever ask for. If this is what God wants me to do, I am ready, use me as you see fit. My prayer every day is: God, send the right clients that have the same vision, drive, ethos, faith and belief systems as me.

I am so thankful for having listened to the still small voice even though there were moments that I wanted to quit or started feeling that I had made a mistake. It has not been an easy road. There has been a lot of pain, disappointments and self-doubt. However, I had to keep pushing and continue to believe in myself. The only person that had the power to change this was me.

I hope sharing my story will encourage someone not to give up on your dreams and purpose. Hold onto your imagination, it will surely come to pass, even if things are not going your way. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s just a matter of time. Remain focused and don’t let anyone tell you your vision is not attainable.

"You are only one step away in achieving your dream. Let’s make it happen!"

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